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About me

I have a background in counselling, which enables me to integrate these skills naturally into my work and having trained in various other disciplines such as Hynosis, Life Coaching, Shamanism, NLP, I am able to draw on a pool of resources that enables me to adapt my skills to suit your particular needs.

One size does not fit all and I offer a unique and integrated service that helps to change your life and gets results.


What is EFT?

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EFT is a simple, fast, yet highly powerful and effective tool that has the potential to increase your levels of happiness, boost your immune system and increase your levels of confidence and improve your quality of life.

EFT can be beneficial for almost any emotional issue: 


EFT for children

This tool can help enable children to overcome emotional challenges that they have in their life

EFT for parents

This technique can change how you’re feeling quickly and easily so that you can feel calmer and much more centred.

EFT for weight loss

This is no ordinary weight loss programme, this gets results by getting to the heart of the weight problem and is completely diet free.

EFT for change

I will help to motivate, support, encourage, empower and help you to make positive changes that remain permanent in our life.

Enjoy Our Spirit Logo 2I am also the author of a number books including EFT Tap Along Books for Children, Nature books and I have produced a collection of Native Indian Recorder songbooks and CDs

  • These songs and chants can be used to play along to on the recorder or simply to sing
  • They can help to foster a sense of community if they are sung together in groups
  • The songs are simple, positive and meaningful. They enable us to to reconnect with ourselves and the planet we share
  • You can also play to the beat of the songs with a hand held drum
  • In all traditions music and singing has been primarily for a spiritual purpose. By liberating our voices we make contact with every deeper levels of ourselves and release an untapped source of energy
  • The books have also been translated into French, German and Spanish

Native Indian Recorder Books


EFT Tap Along books

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